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Hello, my name is Haytem Hatimi, i'm a 18 years old student from Morocco,I got my Bac this year and now I'm doing a preparatory year of Russian language here in Morocco with the aim of to continue my studies in Russia, a country that is known for her great universities that offers a highest quality of teaching, so i have some questions, what's the minimum grade to join the university ? Should the internationals students pass a test to be admitted in the university ? ( If it is the case, could it be a skype interview? ) )

Юрий Александрович Мазей

Проректор — начальник Управления международного образовательного сотрудничества

21.09.2015 | Ответ

Dear Haytem Hatimi.

Thank you for your request.

Any international student should pass an exam before being admitted to MSU. It cannot be arranged via skype interview. To enter the University you must contact the department you are interested in.