14.12.2017 | postgraduate questions.


My name is laila odeh , from Jerusalem. I'm a journalist working since 24 years. I studied English and Russian languages in Volgograd University, graduated in 1993. I would like to continue my studies in Moscow. I have Master degree from Volgograd University, so my question is if I want to continue postgraduate in journalism do I have to go for master degree or PH. D. Because I have master in English from Volgograd University. My e_ mail Lailaodeh4@yahoi.com Thank you.

факультета журналистики


15.12.2017 | Ответ

Dear Laila,

thank you for the email and your interest to the Faculty of journalism.
According to your background you can enter either master or PhD program at our faculty if you pass successfully entrance exams. For master programs it is "Journalism" (conducted in Russian language in a written form). For PhD - Philosophy, Foreing language, and Journalism.
For further information you can contact us by email: int_pkjourn@mail.ru